Turnkey Lease Accommodates Fluctuating Student Population

The International School of Louisiana needed to expand classroom space at their two campuses in New Orleans, LA. SMM teamed up with the school system and offered a five-year lease program to accommodate their immediate needs yet remain flexible for future changes.

SMM built one 98’ x 64’ and one 126’ x 64’ semi-permanent modular building, totaling over 14,000 sq ft of classroom space constructed of wood framing and an EPDM roof system. The facilities consisted of 16 14’ x 64’ individual units to accommodate all of the expected students. The classroom buildings housed six and eight classrooms, respectively and each building had multi-unit restroom facilities. All millwork was also included in the project per the customer’s request. SMM delivered a turnkey solution by building foundations, delivering and installing the modular buildings, installing decks, steps, and ramps, and executing all of the utility connections.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • EPDM Roof System
  • Multi-unit restroom facilities
  • Millwork
  • Foundations
  • Decks, steps and ramps
  • Utility connections