SMM Builds the Lady of the Sea Hospital

Sustainable Modular Management (SMM) provided the Lady of the Sea’s Temporary Hospital, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2023. The Temporary hospital is being built between West 134th Street and West 134th Place in Galliano, specifically between the Lady of the Sea Medical Clinic in Cut Off and the existing hospital building. “This temporary hospital will bridge the gap of inpatient services while we continue to work toward building the new permanent hospital,” said Lloyd Guidry, Jr., Pharm.D., CEO of Lady of the Sea General Hospital.

Q. What services will be in the hospital?

A. With SMM’s help, the hospital is working diligently to bring back all of the services offered prior to Hurricane Ida. Inpatient care, ED, Lab, Radiology, Cardiopulmonary, Medical Records, and Business Services will be located at one site, making it convenient for patients.

  • Relocated helipad is across the street by the current ER.
  • Expanded healthcare services will include improved imaging, mammography, dexascan and MRI.
  • Nutritional Services and meals will be available
  • We will be expanding staffing and rehiring some staff who lost their position as a result of the hospital closure
  • We will be bringing inpatient care back to the community with a 10 bed Med-Surg unit
  • Patient privacy will be improved in the ED
  • Improved work space for all hospital service