Modular Wound Care Center Serves Patients with Chronic Wounds

The Doctors Hospital in Laredo, TX (DHL) wanted to expand its range of services for patients suffering from chronic or nonhealing wounds. These services were desperately needed along the border region. For a timely and cost effective solution, DHL selected SMM to build the wound care center.

SMM collaborated with the DHL and partners to design the Wound Healing Center, which included the structural support to house four hyperbaric chambers. SMM was responsible for the fabrication of the modular health center, the delivery to the hospital site and finally, the setup and installation of the building. SMM provided and installed a modular Wound Healing Center complex of over 4,300 sq ft. The 56’ x 80’ complex was comprised of four 14’ x 80’ modular units. SMM manufactured, delivered, and installed the modular construction including special systems installations throughout the building.

  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Special Systems Installation