Advantages of Using Temporary Modular Buildings as Swing Spaces

Stuff happens. Offices relocate, businesses expand, disasters strike, and owners renovate. When changes happen, many companies find themselves in need of temporary worksite buildings or temporary offices to continue to get business done. Enter: Swing Spaces. A swing space is a temporary office environment that is used while current offices are being renovated, relocated, or if existing offices are deemed unworkable. Modular buildings as swing spaces are a popular option because they are affordable, easy to move and relocate, environmentally friendly, and offer durable and customizable spaces.

Temporary modular buildings are the perfect answer to the swing space dilemma. Modular buildings are constructed off-site and make it easy to move them wherever they are needed. Utilized as swing spaces, modular buildings help fill the gap when an extra, temporary, space is needed for a period of time. Common uses for swing spaces include:

  1. A Temporary Space During a Company Relocation

Relocations happen all the time. Whether it’s due to moving to a more favorable location, a need for more space due to booming business, or changing to a cheaper leased location, the move can disrupt operations and the need for office space become apparent. The possible loss in revenue or productivity is something owners want to avoid and offering a temporary space to work is important until the relocation is completed. A transitionary space, or swing space, via a modular building offers an area of workers to continue working, unaffected by the switch in location. Avoiding overlapping commercial leases is paramount to saving money and a modular building can be a much cheaper option as companies transition from one commercial space to another.

  1. Temporary Buildings During a Renovation or Unplanned Construction

Swing space to the rescue. As commercial buildings undergo construction or renovations, a temporary office for workers becomes essential. Whether you place a modular building in the parking lot, or on a completely different property, a swing space gives workers a comfortable environment to continue working. Maybe you’re a new company whose offices aren’t quire ready. A modular building can allow your business to be up and running before you’re able to move into your permanent offices. Commercial renovations usually have long timelines, depending on the size of the office, and a transitionary space is important for companies to continue operating on a normal schedule.

  1. When Disaster Strikes, Swing Spaces Save the Day

Disaster can strike anytime and anyone. Tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, and flood damage are events no one wants to deal with, but while we cannot prevent them, we can control our response. Disaster response can take months – from dealing with insurance to rebuilding – swing spaces allow companies to get back up and running in a timely manner. When offices are no longer safe and functional, a modular building can be used to keep operations going and to safely house employees. Many companies can’t wait out a long timeline and need to keep operating, modular buildings are a quick and cost-effective option.

Swing spaces, via modular buildings, can be incredible beneficial for companies. Closed and fully operational modular buildings can be customized for the individual needs and circumstances of each business. Whether to fill a gap in a renovation timeline, temporarily house employees during a natural disaster, or to get a company up and running before a permanent solution is completed, swing spaces are a versatile and cost-effective solution. Sustainable Modular Management has years of experience helping businesses and can provide numerous options for swing spaces. If your space is under construction, or undergoing a renovation, SMM can help identify a swing space solution for you. SMM also has buildings ready to go to help support post-Hurricane Ian. The recent hurricane in Florida will require temporary spaces to bridge the gap while communities rebuild.