Portable Classrooms – Knowing Which Size is Right for You


Schools are important part of our communities, and as populations increase and fluctuate, the need for modular and mobile classrooms has soared. Sustainable Modular Management (SMM) understands the importance of creating functional learning environments for students, teachers, administrative, and even office staff.

Why Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms and modular buildings are great solutions for school districts facing population increases and/or budget constraints. Modular classrooms offer flexibility and cost-effective, lasting solutions for districts in need of more space. With enrollment changes happening on a yearly basis, modular classroom builds take much less time to build than traditional construction methods! Making them an easy, top choice for districts when they need extra space.

At SMM, our portable school buildings are customizable and built with durable materials. Our classrooms are safe, up to state and regional codes, secure, and energy-efficient. With multiple sizes and offerings, we work as a team with schools to create needed solutions.

Where Do We Start?

School districts and classrooms are unique and we have unique solutions. There are many different ways to construct a classroom. Depending on the functions and use of space, modular classrooms can accommodate a range of activities. When deciding what you might need, we suggest answering the following questions:

  • How many students will this class hold? 
  • Is this a short, temporary classroom or will it be utilized for a longer period of time?
  • Is this a specialized classroom or a multipurpose room? Is it a computer lab with multiple outlets? Science lab? 
  • And, Will this classroom be an extension of the school or a stand-alone unit?

Depending on the state, K-12 schools require a certain square footage to be allocated for each occupant. For example, in the state of Texas, the square footage requirements are as follows: Elementary – 30 square feet per student; Secondary – 28 square feet per student. However, specialized classrooms that require extra space — such as computer labs or other non-traditional seating requirements — should be evaluated accordingly. In Texas, computer labs require a minimum of 41 square feet per student for elementary and 50 square feet for secondary.

portable classroom interior with wooden desks and chairs

Ready to Pick Your Portable Classroom?

24’ x 60’ Classrooms – Our 2-Classroom Modular Building

Our 24’ x 60’ Double Classroom Building has two classrooms, each 24’ x 30’ separated by an interior partition. The interior door allows for access between the classrooms. This floor plan can be prepared with or without restrooms in each classroom. This size may also work well as a classroom configuration with extra room for storage, furniture, or supplies.

96’ x 70’ Classrooms – Our 6-Classroom/Multipurpose Modular Building

Our 96’ x 70’ Six Classroom/Multi-Purpose Modular Building has six 22’ x 30’ classrooms/spaces and includes a single user restroom. A spacious hallway leads to each classroom and there is a large multi-purpose room included. The classroom building has an office and a janitor room off the multi-purpose room. All plumbing fixtures are included throughout the modular building.

123’ x 64’ Classrooms  – Our 8-Classroom Modular Building

Our 123’ x 64’ Eight Classroom Modular Building has eight 26’ x 28’ classrooms and includes a boy’s and girl’s multi-user restroom. A spacious hallway down the center of the complex leads to each classroom and the large multi-user restrooms. A staff restroom, electrical, and janitor room are also included. Each entrance has two steel doors. 

Do You Need More?

At Sustainable Modular Management we’re here to help you get the most out of our buildings, so that communities function as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Contact us today to get started on your unique learning environment.