Helping Protect the Army from COVID and Hitting #600


While vaccines race to market, SMM’s newest contract enables the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide America’s service men and women the protection and care they need with 21 new COVID screening and testing centers across five Army bases. 

Screening tents will help provide screening of personnel prior to getting tested and feature a hand wash station, portable restroom, portable AC and heating, and safety cones. Testing centers come complete with new ADA compliant, pre-engineered aluminum decks, steps and ramps. 

To create a clear and safe flow, there will be two ramps per building with one being designated for entry and the other being designated for exit. 500 LF of construction fencing will provide a clear path for patients before they access the testing centers. 

SMM will have the construction of all testing centers completed within 5 weeks. 


SMM celebrates another growth milestone by surpassing our 600th project. 

“The speed of which we keep hitting our milestones continues to increase, which is very exciting for us and talks to the dedication of our team. Last year, we celebrated our 500th project, which was a major milestone in just ten years.” says Brian Schaefer, SMM’s president. “Now, just a short time later, we’re happy to announce we’ve surpassed 600.” 


SMM’s success comes from its ability to deliver value in three ways: 

Quality: SMM’s first buildings from over a decade ago are still around, speaking to the built-to-last construction. And because we build them to last, our ability to quickly provide quality, previously leased buildings is second to none. Previously leased buildings offers a quick and affordable solution for many customers. 

Financing: SMM is able to finance challenging projects that others can’t or won’t. That’s because while most modular companies would rather build and finance simple builds, SMM loves to provide customized features and finance them. 

Turn-Key Services: SMM offers turn-key services for all projects, even more complex, major projects. From the dirt work and concrete up to the building’s finishing details, SMM is capable of managing anything associated with the building that makes it functional, and customizing to our client’s satisfaction.

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