Growing Gains

Well into our 10th year as leaders in the modular construction industry, we’re excited that the velocity of the number of projects continues to grow. To keep up with demand and bring new energy and skills to our team, we’ve added some new faces. 


With nearly five years of experience in the industry, Dylan joins us as our new Design Manager. Starting at Icon Construction, a direct manufacturer, he gained extensive knowledge of modular construction. From there, he quickly rose to Director of Engineering and later Director of Project Management & Design at Apex Modular Group. We’re impressed by his vast experience in many facets of the industry and know he’ll be a great fit to oversee in-house design as well as coordinate with third-party engineers and contractors on design packages, structural foundations approvals, fire protection and sealed full-drawing packages for a variety of projects at SMM.   


Colby joined us last fall as our newest Project Manager and has completed a handful of projects in that short time. Diverting from his background in sales, he started in the modular construction industry as a Project Coordinator. Because he learns so quickly, he was promoted to Project Manager not long after and began managing projects ranging from 7,000-20,000 square feet. Colby’s knack for details and keeping people and budgets on track help SMM’s projects run smoothly. From visiting construction sites and engaging with customers, to reviewing pertinent documents and scheduling key deadlines, Colby has a hand in every aspect of our success.  


To set SMM up for continual success within this booming industry, forming teams of knowledgeable, confident and eager people is key and these two individuals exceed all criteria. We’re proud to venture into the new year at full steam, equipped with a dream team.