Modular medical facilities are our specialty

For nearly 40 years, SMM has built a solid reputation on delivering modular commercial buildings. But what may be less obvious is our focus on medical facilities. In fact, about half of our business deals with medical facilities. Why? Because medical facilities make for great modular buildings. For countless healthcare clients, we’ve successfully beat deadline expectations while providing seamless transitional spaces. In the modular construction market, healthcare facilities are not an area of expertise for most of our competitors. But for SMM, it’s our specialty.

Transitional facilities

Our primary medical-based modular expertise is in designing and building transitional facilities. In many cases, large medical groups may be renovating an existing hospital, and can’t simply pause care during construction. Our job is to bring in a temporary facility. We’re able to mimic everything our clients use in their day-to-day facility, so they can move into our building the very same day they shut down operations in the existing space. This way, they don’t lose a single day of workflow. Thanks to trusted partnerships with sub-vendors in the medical community, we will have already set up everything from operational spaces to furniture.

Variety of clients

While we’ve done our share of emergency rooms, we’ve served all kinds of healthcare-related clients, including but not limited to:

  • Dental offices
  • Exam room spaces
  • Pharmacies
  • Lab facilities
  • Surgical facilities
  • Wound care facilities

Multi-tiered use

For some medical facilities, even after a temporary structure is no longer needed, our clients will opt to extend their lease on a modular unit to repurpose it for a new need. Because our structures are built to last, they can absolutely withstand this transitional, multi-tiered use. For example, we did a project for the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada that called for a transitional emergency room department, complete with surgical space. After one year, that ER building was transitioned into a much needed lab space. We changed the walls, reconfigured the HVAC per code, and successfully delivered the building ready for its second year on the Nellis base serving a completely different need.

Expedited timeline

True to all modular construction, one of the biggest benefits of a modular medical facility over stick-built is convenience. When clients work with SMM, they’re getting everything they need for a specific type of facility, but within approximately 30 percent less time than typical stick-built construction. From floors to ceiling, finishes can be specified in the same way a client would typically spec out a hospital setting — but the delivery is faster.