Inclement weather? No problem.

If you’re from the Midwest or anywhere else in the country that’s burdened with a long winter, you may have heard this one before: “There’s really only two seasons: winter and construction.” True enough, in parts of the country where extreme cold, snow, and rain can last for months, general construction comes to a halt, resuming only when the weather warms up. That’s where modular construction offers yet another advantage to stick-built: because modular units are built in a controlled warehouse environment, construction can continue year-round, regardless of inclement weather.

Weather-controlled building environment

Not having to pause construction for outside elements means that modular construction is seldom if ever delayed for any reason. Plus, there’s no room for materials to be damaged by weather, which is sometimes the case when exposed for lengths of time at a construction site. After assembly at a weather-controlled plant, modular building pieces and parts are sealed weather-tight prior to transport. Throughout the construction process, the interior of a given modular construction building isn’t exposed at any time prior to transport — not until we physically cut off the wrapping to assemble the building directly on site. 

This advantage goes hand-in-hand with remote locations, where weather often plays a factor. In some remote locations, you may be unable to get crews on a site for weeks on end. But with modular construction, you can bring buildings in prefabricated, and get them set up in just a few days or weeks depending on the size of the facility.

Shortened ship time

Once a finished building is ready to ship, it’s geographically closer than you think — which means truck or shipping delays are drastically reduced, if not virtually eliminated. This is because we have construction warehouse contracts strategically placed all over the country. We work with multiple manufacturing plants so that our clients nationwide never have to wait too long for a building to ship. From Southern California to Pennsylvania, the Midwest to the Southeast, we have nine suppliers (and counting) ready to ship direct. It’s cost-effective for all parties involved, and keeps timelines moving at steady a clip.

Finished to fit

All of our modular units are finished about 95% of the way before shipping, so that only the mate lines (where modular sections are brought together) need finishing. The finishing process includes floors, walls, roofs and ceilings, and even fixtures come standard in our units, so that everything is ready to go upon arrival, minus utility hookups. Because you’re not forced to wait on those very last punch-list items, once again, modular construction saves time — and saves the day.