Project of the Month: Carrigg Commercial Builders

At SMM, some of the jobs we’re most proud of aren’t won traditionally. In the case of our partnership with New Hampshire–based Carrigg Commercial Builders, we were assigned the job after a prior modular contractor was dismissed. Even though we were approaching the job from a triage position, we were able to observe, assess, and act in a timely fashion that reassured the client, and put them on the road to a successful completion. Here’s what that journey looked like.

Our client’s charge was to provide a swing space awarded to a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) in Bedford, Massachusetts. Up to the point until we were tapped for the job, our client had been working with a competitor — but didn’t feel that they were receiving the requested information required for a particular modular unit. As our Cincinnati-based sales representative Danita Gibson recalls, the client complimented SMM’s prompt, reliable responsiveness, and our ability to deliver more than what the client had asked for in their initial request.

For this job especially, SMM’s success is rooted in the fact that we listened to the client’s needs, and were able to provide a comprehensive proposal that set us aside from our competition. We were able to build trust while showing strong experience, with the project being managed with in-house site superintendents and project managers. Despite coming into this particular project late, SMM was able to build a strong relationship with Carrigg for future project opportunities. 

What’s more, this project put us in a position to help the VA, an organization close to our hearts. “SMM is always proud to assist with VA requirements and needs,” Danita says. “This is just one way that we can say, ‘Thank you for your service.’” In the end, SMM was able to provide the necessary accommodations for the VA personnel while the existing building was being renovated and improved, and enhance the overall VA experience for the future.