Winning Fans with Modular Press Boxes

For many folks, September means one thing: football season. What does that have to do with modular buildings? Everything — if you’re forced to camp out in a press box on an 85-degree day. Especially for campuses with active sports teams, replacing an out-of-date wooden press box with a modular one can instantly give you a home-team advantage.


From football to baseball, for many traditional high school and college stadiums, press boxes are a second thought. They’re mostly unairconditioned, which means anyone who’s spending a decent amount of time in them is sweating through the dog days of summer and beyond. Modular press boxes come standard with full HVAC systems — no retroactive fittings necessary.

Rapid construction

Especially on a student campus, timing is a huge factor in terms of planning a new building — even a small one — since there’s limited time when construction isn’t prohibitive to school-year foot traffic. Modular buildings are built off-site and delivered for assembly, leaving a minimal construction footprint. The total amount of time for on-site construction often tops out at just two weeks.

Built to last

Unlike traditional wood-frame press boxes that have a 10- to 20-year lifespan, modular press boxes are assembled offsite with steel frames, making them strong enough to last for generations.

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