Ease of Upgrade

New construction projects can be daunting. Before they begin, it’s easy to look at the costs and timeline and get overwhelmed. With delays and improper management, projects can take a long time and cost more money than preliminary budgets account for. Cutting corners isn’t the best way to solve for it, either. Modular construction is an alternative that alleviates many of those concerns. It’s quicker to build, more efficient, and cost-effective. And it works for a variety of industries.

Quicker to build

Depending on the scale of the project and skill of your team, some agree that modular construction projects can move between 25%-50% faster than a standard on-site project. 

Because modular construction projects take place mostly indoors in a controlled environment, setbacks like weather delays and material snafus are less of a problem.

More efficient in more ways than one

Efficiency is a big win for building modularly from a developmental, environmental, and cost-specific point-of-view.

First, you can prepare the actual build site at the same time as developing the interior to create efficiencies. That saves developers time on the installation process. By the time you’re ready to install the unit, the site has been prepped and 90% of the work is already complete.

Second, modular construction builds are often very “green.” There’s much less waste during the process. Fewer fossil fuels are burned by trucks driving back and forth to the job site. Not to mention, you can repurpose your builds if they’re for temporary use.

Finally, there’s the cost. For example, some estimate that a standard site-built home can range from $150 to $250 per square foot. However, a modular build might cost a fraction of that when factoring in the efficiency of the process.

Great for temporary or permanent expansion

Modular construction builds also help project managers either temporarily or permanently expand their spaces. Add dormitories to a college or university; add classroom space to a school; or add offices or meeting space to an office.