What’s Next for Modular Construction

Modular construction continues to gain recognition and subsequently momentum as more and more sectors are turning to this alternative mode of construction to reap its wealth of benefits. Let’s take a look at what’s making waves in our industry and the changes you can expect to see on the horizon.

Construction providers are making the switch to high-tech processes and utilizing sophisticated technology such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D printing, and the use of drones on construction sites. As such, global companies such as Starbucksand Marriott are realizing the advancements in pre-fab buildings and are turning to modular construction to expand their presence efficiently and affordably.

Higher Demand
The construction industry as a whole has seen a decline in skilled laborers as a direct result of the recession, and now the ongoing retirement of baby boomers. With fewer skilled laborers, off-site construction is becoming increasingly popular as the manufacturing process requires less human capital.

Improved Transportation
Strong, lightweight building materials are now more frequently utilized for temporary structures reducing the time and cost of transporting modular buildings. Structures are now easier than ever to transport yet are still just as structurally sound as before.

Going Green
With an increased demand for environmentally-friendly construction, more and more construction providers are seeking out ways to provide sustainable buildings. You can expect to work with more LEED certified builders and contractors.

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