Modular Building Codes, Permits and Certifications

Just like site-built construction, modular construction must be built to meet proper codes and requires you to obtain certain building permits. Building regulations vary from project to project depending on location of installation as well as the intended use for the building. Your modular construction provider will work with you to secure the necessary permits, be that local or county, and will ensure your structure will pass inspection prior to occupation.

Modular buildings are constructed in compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) as well as any relevant local or state codes. Permits you may need include foundation and building for any demolition and for all new construction, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and water when adding a new connection.

Following the permit process, building inspections must take place as well. Modular construction is inspected during the manufacturing process which helps mitigate any issues prior to installation.

SMM works closely with our customers all over the country to help determine which codes are relevant for each project across various sectors such as healthcare, education, government and more.