Is Modular Construction Right For You?

Are you debating between traditional construction and modular construction for an upcoming project? Modular construction is a cost-effective and time conscious way to build temporary and permanent structures. Below we’ve put together a list of questions to help you identify if modular construction is the right solution for you. 

Are you on a tight timeline?
If you’re in a bind and time is your scarcest resource, modular construction can save you time. The fabrication of your building and sitework happens simultaneously which greatly reduces your overall construction timeline. Modular construction providers may also have previously-leased structures readily available for rent. 

Are you looking to cut costs?
There are a number of ways modular construction can save you money. For one, modular construction is inherently a faster way to build which allows for a shorter financing period. There is less waste and theft associated with modular construction and weather delays don’t muck up your construction timeline.

Are you interested in a sustainable mode of construction?
Modular construction has a wealth of eco-friendly benefits. The fabrication of modular buildings takes place in a controlled environment that is conducive to efficient building processes and also helps mitigate waste and reduce pollution. Modular buildings can be built to be reused and recycled time and time again, and they are built to be energy efficient. 

Do you need a customizable building?
Conventional construction isn’t your only option if you’re looking for custom floor plans and finishes. Modular construction is just as customizable and you can work with your construction provider to develop a structure that meets your unique building needs. 

Are you looking for a turnkey solution?
From concept design to landscaping and utilities, modular construction delivers turnkey solutions that can be occupied and utilized immediately upon completion. Your modular construction provider will oversee the entire build and ensure everything is up to code and executed according to plan. 

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, modular construction could be a great fit for you and your building needs. To learn more about the benefits of modular construction, or to get a quote, contact us today!