Modular Construction Myths, Debunked

Modular construction gets a bad rap; people mistakenly see it as cheap, poor quality and overall less aesthetically appealing than conventional construction. Modular construction is in fact a sound mode of construction that delivers high-quality buildings that are both aesthetically and structurally sound that can meet your temporary and permanent needs. Here we debunk all of the modular construction myths you keep hearing.

“My options are limited.”
When you work with your modular construction provider to design and develop your structure, you’ll quickly learn you have numerous options to customize the floor plans and finishes. Modular construction is utilized by a variety of sectors such as education and healthcare and can be outfitted appropriately for different uses. 

“Modular buildings look like shipping containers.”
There is a common misconception that modular structures are the same as mobile offices or trailers. In reality, modular construction can be anything from an entire school campus to a hospital, and entirely indistinguishable from conventional construction.

“Modular construction is cheap.”
Modular construction is a cost-effective way to build but is by no means cheap construction. The process of modular construction is overall a more efficient way to build which can save you time and money however, the end result is no way second-rate.

“Modular buildings are for temporary use only and are low-quality.”
Modular buildings are made up of modules which leads people to believe that they are flimsy, however, those modules are made of wood, steel and concrete, just the same as conventional construction. Modular construction adheres to the same building codes as stick-built buildings and oftentimes produces sturdier structures because modules have to withstand the rigors of being transported from factory to construction site. You can read more about the materials we use here.

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