SMM Builds Modular Oncology Center

We are proud to announce the completion of our latest project, a 6,000 sq ft freestanding radiation therapy center built for the Inspira Medical Center. Located in Woodbury, New Jersey, the facility will supplement their current treatment program with its Varian Linear Accelerator Therapy equipment, a new CT simulator, state-of-the-art examination rooms, offices and other patient areas for a fully FGI compliant freestanding facility. 

The facility was specifically designed to promote serenity for patients receiving treatment. To create a welcoming and comfortable environment, we put heavy emphasis on the aesthetics of the building from the ambience of the inviting reception area to the peaceful treatment rooms. To deliver an unmatched patient experience, the center was built to allow for great natural light provided by a clerestory skylight, frosted windows that can withstand radiation exposure in the treatment rooms, as well as healing gardens. For a modern-looking facility that houses the latest technology in cancer treatment, we featured a contemporary color palette throughout as well as exterior finishes that resemble wood, stone and stucco. A curtain wall was installed at the front of the building and a storefront panel system to provide even more natural lighting. 

The therapy center was assembled for permanent use and utilized both modular block construction and modular construction.