Modular Construction FAQs

Do you have an upcoming construction project? Are you unsure if modular construction can meet your needs? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help clarify any misunderstandings or questions you may have about modular construction, the process, materials and more. 

What is modular construction?
Modular construction, as opposed to conventional, stick-built construction, takes place in a factory setting where modules, or the building blocks of a structure, are fabricated. Modular construction is an overall more sustainable way to build and is conducive to cost and time savings. 

Are there different types of modular construction?
Yes, there are two different types of modular structures. You can choose from permanent modular construction, or temporary modular construction which is intended to be relocated and reused. 

What materials are used to construct modular buildings?
Modular construction is made out of the same sturdy materials as conventional construction like wood, steel and concrete. You can read more about building materials in our blog, Modular Construction: What’s it Made Of?.

Are modular buildings customizable?
Yes, you can customize most everything about your modular building including the floor plan, exterior finishes and other aesthetics.

Is modular construction considered a turnkey solution?
Yes, modular construction delivers turnkey solutions. We work with you to design your building and help manage the entire project, overseeing it through completion. Your construction will be ready for occupation upon the completion of module delivery and installation.

How do you install a modular building?
After the modules of your building are transported from the factory and delivered to your construction site, they are positioned onto a pier support system. Depending on the scale of your building, installation times may vary. 

Can I rent a modular building?
Yes, you can rent a modular building. You can browse our previously leased buildings for rent here.

Do you have financing options?
Yes, we offer a range of financing options. Whether you intend to outright purchase your structure or lease it, we will work with you to establish terms that are most beneficial.

How long does it take to complete modular construction?
Construction timelines vary from project to project, but overall there is always considerable time savings when building modular because your site work and building fabrication happen simultaneously.

Will modular construction save me money?
Modular construction is a cost-effective way to build due to faster build times and indoor fabrication. The controlled fabrication environment mitigates weather delays, theft and overall construction waste.

If you still have questions or would like a quote for your project, contact us today for more information!