3 Ways Modular Construction is Sustainable

Want an environmentally-friendly building that is sustainably constructed, takes less time to build, and can save you money? Then look no further than modular construction. Modular construction is an overall greener mode of construction, from the fabrication process to the structure itself. Here’s how.

Efficient Fabrication Process

To reduce harmful pollutants, disturbances to the environment, and heavy traffic that is typically associated with construction, modular construction is manufactured indoors in a factory setting. This off-site building practice results in overall efficiency and helps contain debris and contaminants. The controlled building environment also reduces waste by preventing theft and damage to building materials. 

Eco-friendly Modules

Modules, the building blocks of modular construction, can be made from recyclable materials, but they themselves are also “recyclable” units because they are intended to be assembled, disassembled, relocated and reused. 

Reusable Buildings

Modular buildings are inherently recyclable because they are designed to be portable. They can be easily transported to different locations for reuse and are built to withstand multiple uses. For temporary needs such as mobile offices or additional classroom space, modular buildings can also be leased time and time again. 

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