The Design Process of Modular Construction

During the design phase of the modular construction process, your structure will start to take shape. You’ll work with your modular construction provider to make crucial design decisions that range from the dimensions of different rooms to the exterior finishes. To help make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered, we’ve listed out the important questions and considerations that you should be sure to go over with your modular construction provider.

First and foremost, review your project budget and timeline, and discuss whether your building is intended for temporary or permanent use. This will determine what type of foundation your structure will require and inform what kinds of materials will be used to construct the modules. 

To ensure you and your modular construction provider are developing a building solution that is comprehensive and unique to your needs, discuss the purpose of your building and who will be occupying the space. Your modular construction provider will be better able to consult you and suggest building features such as open spaces for cubicles, or classrooms with lab stations, depending on your needs. 

Other design considerations:

  • What kind of landscaping or cement work will you need?
  • What building codes need to be met?
  • What types of spaces and/or rooms do you need, i.e. bathrooms, hallways, closets or storage rooms?
  • How many floors is your building? Will you need an elevator, stairwells?
  • What should the exterior finishes look like such as type of siding, roof, covered walkways, etc.?
  • Do you need handicap accessible entry points?
  • What type of utility hookups do you need and where?

Keep in mind, modular construction is a fully customizable building solution and your modular construction provider is here to help you create a building that suits your exact needs. They should help you envision your building and make sure you’re satisfied before fabrication begins. 

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