Developing a Construction Site

With a construction site confirmed and the green light to begin building your modular structure, you can start preparing the site for building delivery and installation. This stage of modular construction significantly reduces your construction timeline because building fabrication takes place at the same time as site development, unlike stick built construction. Below is a list of the steps involved in construction site preparation.


Demolish any existing infrastructure, cut down trees, and remove debris. In the event you are removing hazardous material from your construction site, make sure you’ve secured the necessary permits beforehand.

Site Surveyance

After the site has been cleared, a surveyor should stake out the construction site and make note of the land’s terrain and other distinct features that may affect construction. Site surveyance physically marks the boundaries of where the building will be installed.

Grading and Excavation

Grade the construction site to remove any extraneous materials and prepare the earth for construction, be that the building foundation, a driveway or a parking lot. 

Foundation Construction

With the site properly surveyed, cleared, and graded, you can build or install the pier support system for your modular structure. If required for the project, below the ground concrete footers can be installed. Piers can then be installed at each footer location. 


Lastly, establish utility connections such as water, electric and gas.

Upon the completion of site development and preparation, your construction site is now ready for the delivery and installation of your modular building!