Is the Future of Education Modular?

After 10 years in the modular industry, we’ve come to understand the unique building and space challenges of different sectors. We’ve worked on countless projects and provided our clients and their communities with innovative solutions, always in a timely and budget-friendly fashion. That’s why it comes to no surprise to us that modular buildings are popping up everywhere, as hospitals, offices, retail spaces and even schools. 

School districts often approach us when they are facing a fluctuation in their student population. They need more space and they need it fast, preferably with little disturbance to their school grounds. Even in the summer months, they can’t afford turning their school campus into a construction site because there are always sporting events, extracurricular activities and summer classes taking place.

Educational institutions are beginning to favor modular construction because it doesn’t disrupt the learning environment. Modular structures are manufactured off-site which reduces distractions caused by extraneous noise, hazardous conditions, and debris. Off-site construction allows for class to remain in session all while a turn-key solution is underway. 

Modular construction is designed to meet your unique needs which means you have a lot of options and flexibility. If you want to match your existing school campus, you can work with your modular provider to customize the exterior and interior finishes so the construction remains consistent with your current infrastructure. To create a functional learning environment, you can also ask to incorporate energy efficient utilities, handicap access points, restrooms, and hallways in your building plans. 

The flexibility of modular construction doesn’t end with the design, you also have options when it comes to owning or leasing a building. If you need additional classroom space, but only temporarily, you can lease a modular building. With leasing, you don’t have to commit to an entire new wing, however, you do have the option to lease to own your building upfront. In the case that your lease is due to expire but you need to extend it, you can work with your modular construction provider to rework the terms of your lease agreement. 

Even if you need a permanent addition to your campus, you shouldn’t necessarily default to traditional construction that takes place on site. Remember, modular construction can produce the same, if not better, structure as stick-built but in less time and with minimal disturbance to your school grounds.

From classrooms to administrative offices or even entire school campuses, modular construction provides school districts with an economical way to increase space when time is of the essence. 

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