Three Reasons Why Healthcare Should Build Modular

As people look for time and cost effective building solutions, more and more are turning to modular construction. From commercial buildings to the government offices, modular buildings are fulfilling the varied needs of multiple sectors. School districts with spikes in student population seek modular construction to add onto their existing campuses, while the military uses modular barracks and administrative offices. With unlimited design possibilities, time savings and efficiency, it’s no wonder the healthcare industry has hopped on the modular construction train, too. Here’s why.

Reduced Disruptions

The modules, or building blocks, used in modular construction are manufactured off-site in a factory setting. This greatly minimizes facility disturbances commonly associated with construction. A facility in need of additional space can keep their doors open during construction and they don’t have to deal with the debris, noise, or traffic created by traditional, on-site construction. Minimal site work is required to prepare for the installation of the modules which allows the facility to deliver patient care as usual. 

Time Savings

In the case that a hospital requires more space with not much time to spare, modular construction allows for rapid turnaround. Once again, indoor manufacturing reduces the burdens associated with traditional construction. Build times are significantly shorter as you don’t have to account for weather delays, and overall, factory controlled construction is more efficient.

Custom Finishes

Modular construction is often overlooked due to the misconception that modular buildings come standard, when in fact, modular construction is conducive to custom design. Healthcare buildings are no exception, and modular construction can produce medical facilities outfitted with the necessary equipment and utilities. From patient rooms to labs, you can work with your modular construction provider to select the correct finishes for both the interior and exterior of your building.

With the option to rent cost-effective prefabricated buildings or custom design new construction, it’s no surprise that the future of the healthcare industry is trending towards modular hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

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