Modular Construction Checklist: Where to Get Started

Are you planning a modular construction project in 2018? When it comes to planning for a successful build, it’s crucial to have a team of experts working with you to help execute your vision. If you aren’t sure where to get started, or perhaps you are confused about financing, we’re here to help. Below we’ve mapped out the step by step process typically involved in the construction of a modular building. 

Location and Budget

First you’ll need to find and secure the right piece of land for your building and purchase the property. At the same time, you should be planning a project budget that accounts for labor, site management, finishes, permits, accounting for any expenses that may arise along the way. With a location nailed down and a budget in place, you can apply for financing. 


Next, determine how you are going to finance your modular build. You have a budget, but you have to decide what kind of financial terms you need. If your needs are permanent, you may set up a payment plan over an extended period of time, or if you only require a lease, you may have different payment terms. Talk with your construction provider to learn more about their financing options and read our blog post, How to Finance Your Modular Build


Next, you’ll work with an architect or your construction provider to design the layout of your building and review other specifications. Do you need handicap accessible ramps at every entrance? Are you building a medical facility that will require hazardous waste receptacles? Make sure you work with a company that knows the specific codes and requirements relevant to your building needs. At this time, you will create a floor plan and decide on interior and exterior finishes, being mindful of your budget every step of the way.


You’ll need to review your building plans with your city and acquire the necessary permits before you can begin working on the construction site. Once your plans are approved, you can get started.

Site Work and Manufacturing

With zoning and building permits approved, you can begin preparing your construction site at the same time your modular provider begins manufacturing your building. With modular construction, site work and plant work can happen simultaneously which dramatically decreases your overall timeline. 


Once your foundations have been laid and the site work is complete, you can begin installing and assembling your modular building, landscaping, and preparing for occupancy. 

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