How to Finance Your Modular Build

When it comes to financing your modular build, you should know all of your options upfront. Whether you intend to outright purchase your modular structure or lease it, you should speak directly with your construction provider to learn about their options and be prepared to establish the proper financing needed.

You may find that your financing needs will change depending on if you are in the market for a medical facility or a school. Below are the most common financing options modular construction companies offer. See which one may be right for you.


You can purchase a modular building to own at a specified price with payment terms.

Payment Plan

You can purchase a modular building with extended payment terms.

Operating Leases

You can lease a modular building for a specified lease term and when the lease is up, either return the building, renew the lease, or purchase the building at an agreed upon price. Operating leases are popular in the education and government sector due to the nature of their needs.

Capital Leases

You can lease a modular building for a specified term and then have the ability to purchase the building at a reduced cost when the lease is over. You then will have ownership of the building when all payments have been made. This financing option is popular with commercial space renting.

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