How Modular Construction is More Sustainable

Did you know modular construction is a greener way to build? The indoor manufacturing of modular units not only cuts down your construction timeline and costs, it can reduce pollution and waste associated with traditional construction.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Made from recyclable materials, and built intentionally to be assembled and disassembled, modular buildings can be reused, recycled and relocated. Modular buildings are made of modules which makes them portable. They are designed for efficient breakdown without demolition or disturbance to the construction site. Then, they can be moved to an entirely different site to be used by someone else with minimal wear and tear.

Environmentally Friendly

There is less waste associated with modular construction because materials are in a controlled environment where they are not prone to damage or theft. Off-site manufacturing and indoor construction significantly reduces any disturbances to the environment by minimizing the release of contaminants. Additionally, modular construction is also incredibly energy efficient, as it takes less time to build and install modular units. 

Modular construction, as a whole, is a more sustainable way to build. Built to the same codes and standards as stick built construction, modular buildings are just as structurally sound as conventional construction, and as an added bonus are better for the environment.

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