Rebuilding After Natural Disasters with Modular Construction

From one of the worst hurricane seasons we’ve seen in years, to unprecedented forest fires in California, the natural disasters that swept through in 2017 have left mass destruction in their wake. The devastation from strong winds, fires and heavy flooding damaged innumerable buildings beyond repair and left communities in need of rebuilding. With time being the scarcest resource of all in emergency situations, modular construction is one of the most time and cost effective ways to provide fast relief.

Modular construction is manufactured indoors which reduces the timeline and cost, yet produces aesthetically and structurally sound buildings. This reduced timeline means faster relief to the affected areas. Modular construction providers can manufacture a variety of temporary and permanent structures, ranging from modular classrooms to medical facilities. Often times, modular providers have previously used units ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. 

Portable units and temporary structures are great for immediate relief to be used as shelter or supply distribution. Modular construction can also be utilized to rebuild permanent structures in a timely fashion to help get schools and businesses back up and running. While your permanent structure is being manufactured, modular construction companies can provide mobile offices and classrooms as a temporary solution in the meantime. 

Disaster prone areas should always have a relief plan in place, and while natural disasters are unavoidable and often unpredictable, communities can get back on their feet with the right support and efficient relief efforts.

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