Don’t Waste Money on Traditional Construction, Go Modular

Modular construction involves off-site construction, usually in a large plant or factory setting, where modular units are manufactured and later transported and installed to a designated site. Modular construction is often overlooked due to the misconceptions that the result is less aesthetically appealing or stable as opposed to conventional construction. 

In actuality, modular construction is a more sustainable and efficient mode of construction that features better structural integrity, is fully customizable, can be portable or permanent, and is far more cost-effective than conventional construction.

On-Site vs. Off-Site

Traditional construction takes place on-site from day one, meaning the timeline is strictly linear. Before you can start building, you have to first complete the foundation and on-site work. With modular construction, you can move forward with on-site work at the same time as the modular buildings are being constructed. With modular construction, during the fabrication stage, you never have to account for weather delays because the units are constructed indoors. 


Traditional and modular construction sites are accident prone, however, the factory conditions involved in modular construction mitigate a lot of those hazards. Manufacturing the building indoors creates greater quality control and less opportunity for on-site injuries. Overall, there are fewer workers involved in modular builds and those workers in the factory are never exposed to harsh weather conditions.


Modular buildings, unlike stick built, can be temporary or permanent solutions, depending on the immediate need of the customer. They are portable and can be easily disassembled and moved if need be. Often times, modular providers will lease units to customers for terms from 12 months to several years. With modular construction, you also have the ability to customize your design similar to stick built; you aren’t stuck with choosing between model building a, b, or c. 

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