How to Prevent Construction Site Injuries

From large machinery to heavy raw materials, construction sites are a hotbed of accidents and injuries waiting to happen. As frequent as job site accidents occur, they are oftentimes avoidable when the right safety measures are taken. To help keep your crew safe and lower the amount of accidents, have everyone take the following precautions.

Know the Risks

Being aware of your surroundings and the dangers of the job you are performing could save you, or someone else, from a fatal accident. Construction site hazards include falling objects, live wires, uneven terrain, and moving vehicles or machinery. Be mindful of those around you and how your actions or mistakes could harm another worker. If you’re working on an elevated surface, ensure your tools are tethered and don’t discard or drop anything that could strike someone working below.

Dress Properly

Construction site workers should always show up to work wearing standard safety apparel to protect themselves in the event of an accident. This includes hard hats, protective goggles, steel toe boots and gloves. If you are working on a rooftop or scaffolding, you should always wear secure harnesses. If you’re working at night, wear reflective vests and clothing to prevent getting hit by trucks and machinery. Remember, the proper safety equipment can be the difference between a small scratch and a serious injury.

Avoid Exhaustion

Manual labor is intense work that can easily fatigue workers. When workers get tired, they are more likely to make mistakes, which can lead to a job site accident. To help keep energy up, encourage frequent breaks so workers can hydrate and fuel up with healthy snacks. When working at length in direct sunlight, cover exposed skin and drink plenty of water.

Go Modular

Because modular construction units are manufactured indoors, there are fewer construction site hazards, however, accidents can still occur. At the project site, if you are performing overhead work such as guiding modular units, or setting a building on its piers, be observant at all times to avoid mishaps or injuries. When manifolding plumbing under modular buildings, workers should also make sure the building is stable beforehand.

When you are aware of your surroundings, wear protective gear, and make sure you and your team are alert, you can greatly improve the safety of a construction site.