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Detention Center

202′ x 108′ Detention Center is comprised of sleeping, shower/restroom, medical services, offices, chapel and master control areas. Areas are designed to separate the women’s and men’s areas. Visitation areas, holding, and processing areas are also included. In order to allow for constant oversight, there is a complex design with diagonal walls and open viewing areas from the master control area.

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202′ x 108′
Hardie Siding
Painted Gypsum Walls
Painted Gypsum Ceilings
VCT Floors
36″ x 6′-8″ Exterior Steel Doors
36″ x 6′-8″ Interior Wood Door

Hardie Siding
Separate Male and Female Sleeping Quarters
Holding Area
Visitation Area
Separate Male and Female Shower/Restroom
Control Rooms

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